Stabilization Helps Ensure Safety

Child Assessments

At Seven Stars, all students receive clinically advanced, assessment services to determine strengths, rather than challenges. Examples of assessments your child might receive include: psychiatric, medical, neuropsychological, speech and language, diet & health, social skills, strengths-based, occupational therapy, psychological testing, educational and academic.
Seven Stars provides flexible options for entry into the program.  Most students start the program on the Elevations RTC campus.  Sometimes a student may, for various clinical reasons, need a higher level of care for initial stabilization.
Most students have been experiencing some kind of disruption in their life.  During the application process, our team conducts a thorough review of your child’s current needs and history.  On occasion, we may recommend an initial stabilization in the Acute Psychiatric Unit at ViewPoint Center, located by Elevations RTC.

Many of Seven Stars’ students do not require stabilization services, but for those who do, this is a unique feature of Seven Stars’ outcome-driven program.  This stabilization phase is flexible and optional and can last from a few days to a few weeks.  While at ViewPoint Center for stabilization, Seven Stars’ students are supervised by a Seven Stars staff and followed by the Seven Stars treatment team in close coordination with the ViewPoint Center team.

We believe our students are struggling because they are lagging behind in the development of life skills. Seven Stars evaluates all aspects of a child’s development in order to “meet them where they are,” and then, based on the child assessment findings, develop an individualized plan for each student.

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